Thursday, December 31, 2015

8 days after surgery

Today was very eventful. Dad completed some of the tasks on his to do list, which got him out of the house and I believe gave him some sense of freedom being out of the house.

Because I have to leave in time to get the girls in bed, I missed out on some wonderful music last night. Wendy's dad and John were able to enjoy the mini concert by Diego for dad. Dad loves when Diego and his sister play, so I can only imagine how much he, and everyone else, enjoyed this treat.

Dad was determined to get a steak from Folk's Folly today. One of the differences in dad that we have noticed is his tendency to perseverate on specific ideas or tasks that he wants to complete. Since Folk's Folly closed at 5:00, dad's friend Tim Purcelli took him to Buckley's and they had a great time.

Diego playing for dad My favorite part of the day was seeing dad play the guitar. This is one of the things that defines my dad in my mind. When we were children, he would always play the guitar and sing for and with us. He met mom when he was in a band in Germany. This past year, I asked him to record himself playing the guitar and singing specific songs that he would sing for us as children. It has always been comforting to me and something I wanted my children to experience with him. He played a blues song, off the cuff, for Annabelle and was comforting to hear... like it always has been my entire life.

Thank you for your continued support and for providing us with the time and space to become acclimated to our new circumstances. We love you all and can feel the power of your prayers and thoughts.

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