Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quick update

First text about dad from Katherine this morning: "Dad is doing great-he is still on the breathing tube, just until all of the sedative wears off, and responsive to the doctors. He is keeping calm and relaxing. He is ready to wake up:)"

He seems to be irritated that they keep asking him the same neuro testing questions, which I'm so happy about. They are weaning the sedatives and will then pull the tube out and he will be free!!! Well, at least free of the breathing tube 😊 he will still need to be in the hospital for a little while longer.

Thank you for your good energy, thoughts, and prayers. The universe, and God are listening and answering!

Dad just wrote "eyes" to tell Katherine and mom that they are bothering him. They are still swollen and he is having a hard time opening them. Yay!

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