Wednesday, December 30, 2015

7 days after surgery

Dad came home today!

After keeping Uday up all night walking the halls, dad was discharged early this morning and was able to come home.

Of course he had an agenda. He wants to get a new stove, get his oil changed, swing by the West Clinic to get the ball rolling on things there, etc. Needless to say, it has been quite a struggle keeping him reigned in today. He's in good spirits overall, but beginning to ask more about his diagnosis and prognosis which makes me sad because of the answers we do have, but also the many we don't.

Having dad home is proving to present a different set of challenges than him staying in the hospital. He still has slight balance and swallowing issues, so someone is always on high alert when he is drinking something or gets up to walk somewhere. He will hopefully sleep well tonight and take things easy.

At least we are home with him. Dad can sleep in his own bed, eat off of his own dishes, shower in his own bathroom... Simply being home is an antidepressant.

Diego came by again today and brought homemade soup this time. Diego is such a beautiful soul. He radiates Christ and his aura is one that you can't penetrate with evil. We love having him around. Mabel and David also visited and tried to keep dad settled at the house, and Wendy's mom so generously got dad a patty melt, which he has been talking about for two days. Sometimes it's the little things.

The girls were also able to go visit dad and Annabelle was taking full advantage of him sitting and had her cuddles and wanted him to read books to her. Adelyn immediately leaned in to have dad kiss her when she saw him (despite the bruising and staples), and Mia cautiously gave him hugs and a kiss and kind of hung out near him while she read.

We are so grateful for this step forward in the first part of our journey. Please continue to pray for dad and for God to give him a sense of calm. Also, pray for mom, Mark, and Katherine as they are the ones that will be at the house with dad. Constantly on alert and trying to balance allowing dad his independence and keeping him safe will be a challenge no doubt.

Thank you again!

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