Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Post-Op Funnies

After waking up, dad tested stellar on his neurological testing.

He has some pressure around the incision point, and really was not fond of the way his staples in his head feel (he has about 40).

The one thing he was most concerned with, was going to the bathroom.

His true personality was shining through as he insisted that the nurses wanted him to pee on himself (he still had a catheter in) and that they were measuring his progress by how often he did. Lol

He is in pretty severe pain from the brain invasion and has been made comfortable and is sleeping well. He will continue to be assessed for good neurological functioning throughout the night and will hopefully return to a regular floor tomorrow (Christmas Eve).

His post op CT scan was "beautiful" according to the nurse, which means that he doesn't have more than expected swelling, bleeding, or fluid.

Katherine and I have begun developing a network of support personnel for our upcoming journey, and believe we have some great people and resources on our (and dad's) side!

Keep sending those good vibes and pray pray pray!

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