Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day 4 after surgery

Today was beautiful outside and dad made huge progress.

He no longer has the NG tube for nutrition and was sitting in his chair most of the day talking to us.

He seems to have a little bit of delay either on the intake or output, not really sure which. When you ask him a question, it takes a second to get an answer. But the answer is always right!! His memory is fully in tact. A friend of a friend came by today, he is helping me navigate clinical trials. His name Dr. Mike Leppert. The story of how we were connected is rather interesting, but what is even more interesting is the many other connections we have. It turns out that dad went to high school with him and knows his sisters, he also gave me my epidural for Annabelle, AND his wife (who was diagnosed with this same horrible cancer two months ago) is very good friends with Mark's mother in law. Small world! The coolest part? When dad heard his name, he asked Dr. Leppert if he went to the same high school as daddy. They then began to make all the connections. So awesome 😊

Dad is still very tired (we think from the Keppra), but he tried to stay awake, talk, and hold conversations with us to better regulate his brain to day and night cycles.

He has some pain from the surgery, but that is to be expected, and this time it's normal pain.

Uncle John was able to spend a good amount of time with daddy today. Who knows what they talked about, it's their "man time" that they typically have on Sundays smoking cigars. He said dad was quite the conversationalist and I know dad appreciated the time with his best friend.

Mark and Wendy are on their way home to Memphis from Argentina to be supportive and spend time with dad. It will be nice to see them. We always love to have them home, but for me, this time I can't wait to just give them huge hugs and maybe even cry on Marky's shoulder for a brief minute. Sometimes the emotions just take over you, and I can imagine finally seeing my brother during this time will be one of those times.

Thanks again for being so supportive of us and dad, please don't think any of you go unnoticed. We read the comments every day and know how much you all love our dad!

Today was thumbs up (and finger, from Annabelle) all around!

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