Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day 3 after surgery

Our day started with dad sedated and on the ventilator. By 2:00, he was off of the ventilator and trying to talk to us. We have been encouraging him to rest and let his brain and body heal from having had two surgeries in the past three days.

Dad definitely knows what's going on, and he is so obviously and hopelessly in love with mom. If you know dad, you already know this. Everything he does or says reflects this. Today, when he was off of the sedation, but still intubated, he wanted nothing more than to hold mom's face and made sure she was near him. It's beautiful to see such love and devotion. A true inspiration really. No amount of brain trauma and no brain invader will ever change that.

We really think that having dad's two "brothers" John Walpole and David Poley sit with him and read the bible and devotionals yesterday helped in his being able to relax and stay calm. Knowing these men were by his side and loving him through this, lifting him up, could have been nothing more than comforting and empowering.

Dad is a fighter, but he also knows when to allow himself to rest. This is a great thing because I want him to jump up and have a discussion about some historical event of which he knows every detail.

He knows himself. He knows what his body and brain needs; he gives us the reassurance we need by passing his neuro exams, having short conversations, and telling us he loves us.

Today was wonderful. We started to get our dad back. He is smiling, wanting to see his granddaughters' video messages, telling us he loves us, and responding to just about everything we say to him.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. It's exhausting and scary, but without your love and support, it would be unbearable.

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