Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 1 after surgery

Dad is doing great. He still has some pain and swelling but is sleeping and comfortable.

He had another MRI so they could determine how much of the tumor is left. Dr. Sorensen was only able to do a subtotal resection, so a good portion of the tumor is still left.

We spoke with a great medical oncologist from West Clinic today, and he gave us the pathology report. It confirmed what Dr. Sorensen had previously told us, which is that dad has glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). It is a very aggressive brain tumor, but I will leave it at that because though we are taking a practical and realistic outlook, we are very optimistic with the possibility of treatments and clinical trials.

As dad heals and his brain has the opportunity to recover from the surgery, we already have begun the process of finding and contacting universities and clinics that have clinical trials for which we can apply and see if dad is a good fit. We are on top of this as much as we can be, I think dad would be proud that we have his determination and fighting spirit at a time that he needs to rest and can't do these things for himself.

We are so grateful that we have some friends that have had a great outcome with this diagnosis; having had the standard treatment in conjunction with being enrolled in a clinical trial.

As we have been in ICU, we have had the good fortune of only having had two nurses. We started off with Josiah, had Bethany for an 11:00-7:00 shift, then Joaiah came back again at 7:00. We have been very grateful that he is so kind and understanding and that he seems to really have dad's best interest at heart as he works during this holiday time.

Keep sending your prayers and good thoughts. We need them and they are so appreciated. Without your strength and constant prayers, we know we wouldn't be as strong and hopeful. Thank you all.

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