Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why we are here

After having some headaches, strange behaviors (what's really considered strange for dad?), the inability to carry a tune, and sporadic numbness, the decision was made for dad to go to the VA. Once there, a CT scan revealed a tumor in his brain. The VA then transferred him to Methodist University, recognizing that they have a leading neurosurgery team, to complete testing and receive treatment.

The MRI showed an approximate 8cm large tumor that is situated in the right side of his brain spanning from the frontal lobe to the parietal lobe.

After discussion, Dr. Sorensen, the neurosurgeon, will take on the tumor in a 4-5 hour surgery at 7:30am Wednesday. They are hoping to be able to get all or most of the tumor, and will biopsy what they extract. Dad will be in the ICU overnight to watch for bleeding, swelling, and infection. They will do another brain scan to ensure he is stable, then he will have to hang out in the hospital for an additional day or two before being able to come home. We will have to wait 4-5 days for full biopsy results

Dad has already expressed excitement regarding having a great scar to show his students when he returns to work. Prayers are much appreciated!

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