Saturday, January 2, 2016

Days 9 and 10 after surgery

The past couple of days have been very interesting. Dad's brain is working in overdrive and he is constantly talking and singing. Blues songs and gospel hymns. To anyone that will listen; visitors, neighbors going from their car to their house, family... It's been quite entertaining. The neurosurgeon resident took dad off of the Keppra (anti seizure medication) today and reduced his steroid, hopefully this will help temper dad's enthusiasm a bit and help everyone caring for him relax a bit.

Our long time family friend Mariam was so selfless and sweet to fly to Memphis from her home in Egypt to help out and be a support system for our family during this time. The past two days she has spent much of her time cooking for everyone. She has some great recipes from a cancer fighting cookbook and has also made some authentic Egyptian dishes that are her mom's recipes. It's been a real treat. We met Mariam through church, just another example of God providing for us.

Our "aunt" Karen came by yesterday and took some great pictures of dad. She is a photojournalist and so graciously offered to document our journey in pictures as we move forward. We will cherish her work, regardless of the outcome of the GBM, and are so blessed by her and her family.
Dad and Karen
Our Sunday school class is dedicating a portion of the lesson to explicitly praying for dad. If you would like to join us, please text me or mom and we can give you directions to the ICF class at Second Presbyterian. The Sunday school class starts at 9:45. Hopefully these prayer warriors will be heard and a miracle will happen with dad's diagnosis. We have a 9 year GBM survivor in our Sunday school class. His tumor situation was a little different than dad's but it's still encouraging.

I will be setting up a "take them a meal" site for people to sign up to bring food a little later in the week. We have had many people ask about this, so please know it will be organized soon.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

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