Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Introduction to the waiting game

Dad just went back. They are going to update us when he is under, then again every hour or so.

Dad's cool leg compression gear
Dad's leg compression things
Dr. Sorenson (the neurosurgeon) said that, based on the trajectory and location, they think the tumor may have originated in the brain. This could be problematic because it would make it more likely that there isn't a clean border of the tumor. Without a clear border, the brain and tumor would be intertwined around the edges. This would reduce the amount of tumor that can be removed with minimal damage to the brain.

He said his goals for surgery are

1) to diagnose the tumor

2) retain as much function as possible and

3) remove as much of the tumor as possible.

The likely side effects of the surgery will be weakness on his left side, possible slower speech, headaches, and reduced peripheral vision out of the left eye.

Our awesome friend Mable has been here with us from the the beginning. She came to the er with us and has been by our side everyday.
Mabel and daddy
They will be putting him to sleep quickly so that he can wake up quickly to be able to assess if there is any issue that would require he go back in to the OR.

He will have a central line in his neck, an arterial probe in his wrist, and his IV in his hand. He will be nicely bruised!

We want to thank all of you for your prayers, calls, texts, emails, etc.

We will keep you updated!
Hugs while we wait

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