Monday, January 18, 2016

25 days after surgery

This past weekend has been filled with love, family, blessings, healing hands, delicious food, wonderful music, and a constant flow of friends.

The weekend kicked off with Tommye Kay and Shela making it to Memphis on Friday. Mable also brought some fried chicken and chicken livers, per dad's strange cravings. Noel and Marky each had the opportunity to take dad to smoke cigars at his favorite smoke hole, The Tinder Box. I know dad loves just being there, with anyone. It has always been his place of solace and he loves the owners and the men that run the shop. Some of dad's most faithful and diligent friends have proven to be from the group of men that he shares cigars, stories, and life with in those humidors.

Saturday night, dad was blessed with not one cellist, but two (Diego and his sister). They played a duet and TK said that it was beautiful and very calming for dad. Afterward, dad and Diego laid down on the floor and prayed for an hour.

Dad's coworker, Allison Collier, also brought dad a beautiful quilt that some members of her church made for dad. She has a situation requiring brain surgery too, so it was nice to know that despite her own condition, she has also kept dad in her prayer circles and her church is lifting him up as well.

Wendy's family has a stunning property in Como, MS where we love to visit when invited by the Crenshaws. Hal and Lucia are some of the most kind and caring people you will ever meet, we are so blessed to have them as part of our "marriage" extended family. Dad's sisters were able to visit Como with him and the Crenshaws yesterday. Dad loved the walk through the groves. Despite it being very cold, my understanding is that it was incredibly relaxing and much needed. I'm hoping dad will still be in good spirits and health when the trees bud in the spring because I have some pictures I would love to have taken with dad and the girls down there. Dad's new zero gravity chair

Katherine picked a pretty amazing extended family to bring in as well. The Haagas have also come by to visit and bless us with their wonderful company and Fletcher's wonderful smoked trout and some very rapidly disappearing sausage pinwheels that Marietta made! Even with Katherine and Martin out of town, the Haagas came by to show their love and support of dad and our family.

One of the best things about the friend group that mom and dad have established is the international component. There are friends from China, Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Venezuela, Germany, Liberia, Canada... All over the world. With these beautiful people come their cultures and their food! We have been so blessed by the diversity of people and dishes. There is no monotony in the standard casserole or dish. These foods are made from the heart and with so much love, that you are warmed by it when you eat.

Today, some elders from the church came by to "lay hands" on dad. Karen was there to capture the moment, and the sisters said it was a truly moving experience. Our hope is that with enough healing words and touch, that God will find dad in His favor and allow him to enjoy more time here on earth with his earthly family. He still has so many things to do. Katherine has to get married. Mark and Wendy, and Katherine and Martin haven't had children for dad to meet. My girls need their Opa to watch them graduate from high school and college, at the very least. Mom needs her husband with whom she has built this beautiful life and family. I need my dad, my mentor, my biggest critic, and most staunch supporter. We aren't ready to move in the direction of timelines dictated by this diagnosis... At least I'm not. Our next step is to prepare for chemotherapy and radiation, and continue to accept the love and support of all of dad's friends and family as we move through our journey.

Thank you for your continued prayers and good energy and thoughts sent our way.

I am adding pictures from this weekend in the "photos" section of this site.

Smoke hole buddies Dad at the Tinderbox

Opa and Adelyn snuggling in his new chair Allison and dad with the quilt


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