Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12 and 13 days after surgery

The past couple of days have been fairly productive despite mom and dad not returning back to work at this time. Someone is with dad at all times. He needs someone right now as he heals, but more I think we need him too. We need to be in dad's presence and hear him talking, joking, singing...

Clinging to every word he says and tune he belts out knowing there is a possibility that it could all come to an end much sooner than any of us had ever anticipated.

Dad went to Collierville to visit his coworkers yesterday. He seems to think they were more excited to see Mark, Katherine, and mom, but I bet they were happy to see dad too. It was inservice, so his kids weren't there, but it was suggested that he make them a video message. Dad loves his job and has always had a genuine interest in his students and their ability and enthusiasm to learn. I'm sure his video message to them will be great.

There was a follow up with VA today and he seemed to check out according to them. I wasn't there, but am frustrated with them nonetheless. Dad didn't see an oncologist there and though we may get his treatment at West Clinic, it would have been nice to have a consult with the VA to see what they offer so that we can go to the West Clinic appointment armed with more information with which to make a good decision regarding dad's care and treatment protocol.

Dad's friend, Uday, and his wife, Sunita, came by yesterday and she brought some amazing homemade Indian food. It was so good that Katherine (who is allergic to lentils and chickpeas) ate enough for her tongue to go numb. It was REALLY good!

Almost every single day that Mariam has been in town, she has been busy making dishes for dad that we can freeze and pull out when the meals stop coming in. Her cooking is a true labor of love and she has worked hard gathering ingredients to fit the specifications of the recipes in a cancer fighting cookbook. So far, they have been great!

Dad seems a little more tired these past couple of days. When I see him in the early evening, he is a little slower and tends to, what appears, kind of daydream. He has some swelling where his glasses press against the incision on the right side, but hopefully they can confirm that these things are normal at this point where he is still recovering from the surgery.

I have made it a point to try and bring the girls by every evening just to have their little loving and energetic personalities around dad. He seems to appreciate having them around.

Thank you for your continued love and support. Please say a special prayer that we will hear good news about the markers of dad's tumor, and continue to pray for the clinical trials to fall in to place and for the DCVAX to become FDA approved and available to everyone with this diagnosis very soon!

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