Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 14 after surgery

Unfortunately, I haven't seen or talked to dad today...

He had an appointment with Dr. Pandey at the West Clinic, which went very well according to Mark and Katherine. She was very upbeat and thorough, which is always nice in these circumstances. She gave some promising information regarding the treatment options as well as alternative clinical trials, which I will be looking in to.

After the appointment, they went to lunch and Mark had to go back to Charlotte. He will be back Martin Luther King weekend with Wendy to visit again.

I mentioned yesterday that I had noticed dad was a little more distracted and moving a little slower. These symptoms became worse this morning with dad being a little more confused and disoriented, along with some weakness on his left side. Katherine and mom opted to take him to the VA, and obtain a CT scan to rule out anything serious that we needed to be aware of.

After 6 hours at the VA, again causing me to be frustrated with this hospital, they got in to the CT and were given the results. He has some swelling and a little bit of blood, but nothing that the consulting surgeon was concerned with.

His steroids have been adjusted and hopefully, will rectify the symptoms somewhat.

Please continue to pray. Thanks again.

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