Sunday, January 3, 2016

11 Days after surgery

Today was such a moving day. James, Katherine, Mark, and I went to the ICF Sunday school class to be present when the class prayed for our family and dad. Mark's friends, Paul and his wife, were also there in support of us. It was so powerful. To be in a room full of internationals that speak English as their second language, and to hear them pray so powerfully is something that words cannot describe. Their message, though sometimes in very broken English, was clear and purposeful. They love my dad and mom, and our family so deeply.

We had a wonderful "traditional" Sunday lunch with family. Before this, we would always get together with Mable and John, and eat lunch as a family. It's the little things that help make things feel more normal, despite the looming uncertainties.

Dr. Kung and his wife, Lena, came by to visit dad today. He has been such a powerful person in my dad's life. Dr. Kung was dad's mentor when he was in college, and they grew to become friends and undertake very important projects that greatly benefit our community here in Memphis. Dad has traveled to China alongside Dr. Kung as part of a teacher exchange program many times. In addition, dad helped him write a grant to support the blending of culture and ideas with the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis. Just more beautiful people that come to visit dad and show how truly amazing dad is as an educator and a person.

Our "aunt" Karen came today to photograph our family. I mentioned yesterday that she has offered to chronicle our journey through this time, despite the outcome. She is posting her beautiful pictures, telling our story, in her blog. You can follow along below.

Please continue to pray for us and for dad. We are taking these next couple of weeks and encouraging dad to rest to ensure he is strong when he begins his chemo and radiation regimen. Then the real battle will begin and we will need the love and support of our friends and family just as much as we have at the beginning of this journey. Thank you again.

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