Thursday, January 14, 2016

21 days after surgery

The flow of visitors has slowed down a bit and mom and dad are kind of in a routine that includes doctor visits and planning for the beginning of chemo and radiation. They have an MRI scheduled for next week to establish a solid baseline for the tumor and any possible growth.

The radiologist at the VA was really nice and explained how the radiation would be administered. Paula was at the appointment with them today and has been hanging out with dad since she came in town a couple of days ago. Tommye Kay and Shela will be here tomorrow and are staying for a week; I know dad really appreciates his sisters coming to support him. Family is very important to dad. We were raised very tight knit and family was always a priority. Even though his sisters live across the south, the fact that they are taking time to come and be with us and dad is a blessing. We hope to see more of them throughout this journey.

Noel and Margaret (AKA Nana and Paw Paw to Mia) made an awesome cheeseburger casserole and salad for dinner tonight. Dad enjoyed talking to Noel and it's so nice to have the love and support of Mia's dad's family too. There are a lot of them, which means tons of extra prayer warriors!

Keep praying that I will get a call back about a clinical trial that may accept dad, and that the treatments we choose will be the best for dad.

Diego, his mom and sister, and dad One thing about this evening that was calm, relaxing, and close to normal was when we all sat down to shell pecans. We have a neighbor who has a couple of pecan trees that have never dropped good pecans in the 30 years my parents have lived there. This year, all of the pecans are delicious! I'm sure Wendy could shed some light on when pecan trees mature, but right now, we are just happy they have pecans. Mom makes great breads with pecans and the girls like helping to shell them. Mia cracks them, Annabelle tries to help shell, and Adelyn throws the "naked" pecans in to the bowl. Fun times for all!!Shelling pecans

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