Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Schilling Farms Middle School

 Dad taught at Schilling Farms for 15 years before moving to Collierville High School this past August. He loved it there and they loved him. Every year they have a fundraiser for a specific cause.
teachers supporting daddy               
This year they chose to raise money for dad and brain cancer awareness. The school bought almost 200 Dr. Bob shirts and have had various other fundraiser components, one of which includes a teacher talent show. Dad, as I'm sure you have already guessed, was no stranger to these talent shows. In fact, he was an active participant the past few years. Today, we went to the school to watch the talent show and show support for the school and their amazing fundraising efforts. Dad has said over and over that he didn't want to go because he didn't want a lot of attention. Now, if you know dad, he isn't one to shy away from attention. I think he doesn't want attention drawn to the fact that he is sick. Dad is proud. He is also very much aware of his new apparatus as well as his physical limitations that make him less agile than before. In addition to that, these new meds have been impacting his general mood and making him more tired. We were so overwhelmed with love and support while we were there. Everyone had something to tell us about their interactions with dad. I was overcome with tears more than once. It was so fun to watch the teachers dancing and singing for their students. At the same time, my heart broke knowing that daddy will probably never dance and sing again. He loved those two things. Dad met mom when he was a singer in a band in Germany. He instilled his love for music with all of us and my brother, Mark, followed in his footsteps as a wonderful singer and musician. I remember being Mia's age and dad teaching me to do the waltz and foxtrot. He wanted to make sure I knew traditional, ballroom dancing basics. All three of us danced competitively until we were teenagers. 

I cried watching and knowing how much dad would have loved to be on stage and probably really wanted to see his old friends with whom he has worked for his entire teaching career. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it would have been to have to be a witness to something you love. Dad knows his limits. He mows how much he can handle. We were honored to go in his place, and I was saddened he didn't feel like going. Thank you Schilling Farms Middle School, and everyone that made today possible. We love you because you love our dad and truly appreciate the love you have for him and our family.  Please continue to pray for him and us!! 
the kids supporting dad!  


  1. I'm new to SFMS, so I didn't have the honor of working with Dr. Bolding. However, I know he's a great man because of the admiring fans he has at SFMS and he's gained at CHS. My sister-in-law has him for a class now :) Stay strong, Bolding Family!
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    -Mina Yi