Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's been a while...

I'm sorry it's been a while since I have posted. We had to switch format because caringbridge changed their privacy options not allowing for a public forum any longer.
I want this to be a site that not only informs dad's friends of what is happening, but also brings awareness to anyone that googles brain cancer or glioblastoma. Our story is real life...

There have been so many things that happen and then resolve themselves, that I have tried  to wait and make sure I am passing along information that is accurate.

Since I have last updated, dad has gotten a new device that is supposed to help keep the tumor from growing. It is called an Optune cap. He is supposed to wear it 18-24 hours a day and it consists of four patches of arrays and electrodes that are positioned on his head and pulse electromagnetic waves through the brain to halt the division of tumor cells.
Dad hates this new device. It's cumbersome and limiting. He is annoyed by it everyday and it is contributing to the dampening of his spirits.

Since I last wrote, dad has had three of we think are TIA seizures. They are not the shaking on the ground type of seizures, rather seizures that present in dad as confusion, disorientation, and repetitive movements for about 10-15 minutes and then he "snaps out of it" and seems cognitively normal.

The neurologist has increased his anti-seizure meds and these have some rather unpleasant side effects. What we have seen with dad is increased irritability and sleeplessness. We think these are a result of the increased dose of Keppra, but I'm sure there is a cummulative effect as well... The idea that your days are numbered, thinking of how you will decline, worrying about your wife and children. I can't imagine fighting this demon, but dad has always been strong minded. I have no doubt that now is no exception.

Thank you for your continued prayers, and please share the switch to this blogspot with anyone you know that knows dad.

Daddy picking strawberries with Adelyn on Mother's Day

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  1. Thanks for the connection with the blog spot. My prayers continue for you all and especially for that amazing Dad of yours. I know wearing the headgear so much of the time must be difficult for him. I love this pic of the picking of strawberries. May your day contain laughter, sharing of stories, and knowing positive thoughts are sent your way. Onward and Upward! GO DR. BOB!