Monday, March 28, 2016

Post treatment MRI today

The guys Easter Sunday at church. Check out dad's new style. The radiation caused his hair to fall out on both sides of his head, giving him a "natural" Mohawk. The past couple of weeks have gone well overall. Dad has been very tired and we think (hope) it's a result of lowering his dose of steroids. We think he may be having some headaches, but he doesn't communicate how he is feeling to us so we have to almost trick him in to disclosing headaches, auras, etc. We go by his behavior and try to decipher based on that if we need to ask different questions.

He has also had bouts of forgetfulness and odd behavior overall. I can only imagine how boring and frustrating it must be for him to be stuck hanging around the house or tied to someone else's schedule when he wants to go somewhere.

Dad had a follow up MRI today to check the tumor and determine what type of progress we have made. Again, there is some chance of pseudo progression being so close to final radiation, but hopefully we can get a good idea of where we stand.

This past weekend we were able to spend some good quality time with mom and dad as a family. Mark and Wendy came in town, our cousins Chris and Marvin were in town, and we all went down to Como to just get away from everything and relax.

We fished in the lake, rode the mule around the property, had great breakfasts and dinners at the cabin and enjoyed each other's company without appointments or having to watch the time to be anywhere. It was more evident that dad seems to be confused a bit more, but the time relaxing seems to have helped with that a little.

It's hard to relax when you are watching your dad's every move and trying to make sure he is ok, no new pain, that he isn't lost in his own mind, and that he is content overall.

Friday was also mom's birthday. Following in Bolding family tradition, Katherine made sure we had "Happy Birthday" banners hung around the cabin for mom, Martin brought flowers, candy, and a card, and Wendy had a cake. We really wanted mom to be able to relax as well.

We had an Easter egg hunt for the girls down at Como on Saturday. The littles had never really done an Easter egg hunt, so Annabelle in particular was extremely excited about finding ALL of the eggs. She even dumped her sisters' buckets in to her own so she could have "lots and lots of jelly beans."

On Sunday, we had a great family gathering at church for the service, and then went to the Crenshaw's (Wendy's family) for lunch. We loved seeing Molly, (little) Lucia, and Joe! It's a rare treat for all of the Crenshaw sisters to be home together and we loved spending time with all of them. Hal and Lucia have been such wonderful extended family and such a support locally, on behalf of Wendy, to my parents. They are such an amazingly sweet and generous family with the biggest hearts you could imagine. They have embraced all of our family, not just Marky and our parents, and we are so fortunate to have such kind people in our lives and "family."

Because of the increased confusion and general temperament shift, I have asked if we could get an "unofficial reading" on the MRI, but we will see what Dr. Weir says tomorrow.

Dad's sister is in town from Vicksburg and will be dad's personal chauffeur this week. I think we need a chauffeur/buddy for dad each week during the times which mom is at work. lol.

By the end of this week, dad should have the MRI results, be set up to begin the Optune cap, and be prepared to begin his first 5/23 of double dose chemo.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The dinners have been much appreciated as that isDad with Adelyn at the cabin one of the only times all 6-8 of us sit together to eat.

Please pray that the MRI shows promise and we will be able to continue on the right track of stability and hopefully progression!


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  2. It is always good to enjoy some relaxation and family time in the midst of all the appointments. Dinners, fishing and an Easter egg hunt sound like a great way to spend time with your loved ones. I am sorry your dad has been going through this, and I really hope you have all been okay during this difficult time.

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI

  3. Prayers being sent your Dads way all the way from Texas.